Trend Micro Maximum Security

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$79.95 $19.95

$79.95 $19.95

It provides comprehensive protection for all your devices from online threats. Its customizable, easy-to-use interface allows you to implement parental control, system tune-up, social networking protection, and more.

Your subscription includes Free upgrades to the new versions within the validity period of the subscription.

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Get the best deal on Trend Micro Maximum Security, one of the most popular antivirus solutions. It offers complete online and offline protection. Install it and rest easy, knowing you are fully protected.

System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 7 and above. macOS 10.14 or later, Android 5.0 or above, iOS 11 or above. 

RAM: 2GB Minimum 

Processor: 1GHz processor, Apple M1 or Intel Core ( ARM-based processors are not supported)

Storage: 1.5 GB of free hard disk space


Trend Micro Maximum Security Interface

Trend Micro Maximum Security has an easy-to-use interface that helps people use the app without problems and get the most out of its features.

The main dashboard is designed for simplicity. It displays a big circular icon, which, when clicked, initiates a quick scan. A little arrow to the right of that button gives options for different types of scans, such as quick, full, or custom. Furthermore, the circular button changes color to reflect your PC’s health status.

Above the dashboard, there are four security categories: 

  • Device
  • Privacy
  • Data
  • Family

Each tab within these categories is thoughtfully customized, ensuring users can easily access their unique features when needed. Furthermore, users can adjust configurations to suit their requirements.

Key Features

Ransomware Protection

Trend Micro prevents ransomware from maliciously encrypting your files and securing your system with the help of Folder Shield.

Blocks Dangerous Websites

This feature safeguards against threats by recognizing and blocking harmful links on websites, social networks, emails, and instant messages.

Social Network Protection

This feature assists you in avoiding the over-sharing of personal information through social networking platforms and allows you to configure your web browser settings to enhance your online privacy protection.

Privacy Protection

Trend Micro scans your social networking sites and browsers and gives you a list of privacy concerns. You can then fix the concerns accordingly.

Data Theft Protection

Trend Micro Data Theft Protection stops protected data from going into web pages or emails, securing your volatile pieces of information like credit card details, email addresses, or telephone numbers.

Parental Control

Limit which software and websites your kids may use, monitor children’s online activities, and block inappropriate images in web search results.

Password Manager

Securely store all your passwords and usernames in one place and automatically log in to websites without remembering numerous passwords.

Phishing Protection

This feature can instantly spot spam emails containing phishing schemes capable of deceiving you into revealing your confidential personal information.

PC Optimizer

Fixes common PC problems and optimizes to restore your system to top speed.

Pay Guard

Whenever you access a banking or online shopping website, Pay Guard will initiate a secure instance of your default web browser to ensure secure online transactions.

Mute Mode

This feature helps you prevent interruptions when playing games.

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Advanced AI Learning

Trend Micro uses Advanced AI learning to ensure that each device is well-secured and has an updated pattern for detecting malicious activity. It enhances machine learning detections and provides more secure algorithms for better protection.

Browser Extension

Trend Micro offers browser extensions to enhance online security, ensuring your entire system remains protected.

Advanced Machine Learning

Trend Micro’s Machine Learning technology helps protect your device from new and unfamiliar threats. It checks threat information and looks at files for hidden security problems. It detects these issues using digital fingerprinting, API mapping, and file features.

Trend Micro Maximum Security: Missing Features

Although Trend Micro is a comprehensive antivirus program, it still lacks some additional security features that other Antivirus programs offer:


It keeps you anonymous online and provides access to restricted content based on region. However, the Trend Micro Maximum Security plan does not have a VPN feature. You can buy it as a standalone subscription or as part of Premium Security Suite.


Trend Micro Maximum Security does not come with an in-built Firewall feature; instead, it relies on Windows Firewall for basic network security. However, the software features a Firewall Booster that enhances the detection and protection against botnet viruses.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is a security service that scans the dark web for your crucial information and personal data, protecting your identity. This feature is not part of Trend Micro Maximum Security, but you can access it using Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate.

Anti-Theft protection

Trend Micro Maximum Security does not have an Anti-theft protection feature. However, you can try Trend Micro Mobile Security to protect your files and mobile devices (Android) from uncertain accidents. Although these features are not included, you can still benefit from our special offers and promo codes for these add-ons.

Trend Micro Maximum Security: Coupon Codes & Pricing Plans

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How Good is the Customer Support?

Trend Micro offers a comprehensive support system, including FAQs, hotline numbers, 24X7 live chat, and email assistance. I’m particularly impressed by their quick live chat response and commitment to patiently resolving my queries. Additionally, they provide support through their social media channels and community forums for further assistance, ensuring you won’t encounter any shortage of assistance when seeking help. This excellent level of customer support is yet another reason to take advantage of our promotional offers on Trend Micro Maximum Security.


I am highly satisfied with the level of security provided by Trend Micro Maximum Security. It detects almost all threats and blocks the source. One significant advantage of this package is its 3/5 device licensing feature, which sets it apart from other antivirus companies that typically offer licenses for 3/5 PCs. If you are looking for a good Alternative, you can have a look at the Bitdefender Total Security Coupon Codes section.

Trend Micro Maximum Security offers unparalleled protection across multiple devices, setting it apart from competitors and making it a cost-effective choice. Don’t miss out on our current promo codes and special offers to get the best deal on this comprehensive antivirus solution.