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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 is an all-in-one security software and PC Maintenance software. This program integrates antivirus protection powered by Bitdefender. Top rated by CNET.

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Validity: 3 PCs – 1 Year| Download Only | 60 Days Money Back

Customer reviews of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14

Average Rating

4.9 out of 5 stars

What others are saying

  1. Robert Howle

    Robert Howle

    The only one PC optimizer that I am using for the last 2 years or so. Love the program and it takes care of my system. This time got ASC Ultimate for $10.99 and saved 85% on purchase.

  2. Julian Farmiga

    Julian Farmiga

    Upgraded to Ultimate version two years ago, and it has never let me down.
    Renewed my subscription at an affordable price range and saved around $60 off the regular cost.

  3. Lawrence Telles

    Lawrence Telles

    Got this to speed up my Windows PC, additionally, it gives good antivirus protection. It has enough options to keep my PC clean and optimized.I renewed the product at a much discounted price from this Store.

  4. Joshua Brake

    Joshua Brake

    Much needed utility to keep my PC in good condition.

    The program offers a lot for this price tag. The best thing is that I purchased the license using PayPal.

  5. Kaj Olsen

    Good all in one program software, keeping my pc up to speed..

    Kaj Olsen

    Used it for years now both free/systemcare and for the last years Ultimate, easy/safe to use;-)
    Tried a lot of different programs over the years and this is it for me and when i get a good deal on this site i take it


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is the top of the line maintenance tool from iObit. In the section below, we will cover how Advanced SystemCare Ultimate makes a difference. You can also avail of the latest Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Coupons and buy them at the lowest price.

Note: This application is for Windows PC only. If you are looking for Mac maintenance, too, you should head over to MacBooster by iObit.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 Vs. Pro

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 integrates an Antivirus engine. In comparison with the Advanced SystemCare PRO version, that’s the only addition. If you were planning to buy a basic antivirus, you could go for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14. People with an antivirus already installed should go for the Pro version.

Remember, the antivirus module in the Ultimate 14 version is very basic. Also, it integrates the Bitdefender Engine for a virus scan. Hence, it may not meet all your online security needs. Yes, it is beneficial and keeps your system clean. However, if you need a complete Antivirus package, Bitdefender Total Security and ASC Pro Version are the best combinations.

Malware Protection

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 includes IObit anti-malware engine too. Also, it offers protection from all types of threats, freeze, system slow down and crash without taking much system resources. This Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 Coupon Code helps people who want to spend less on PC maintenance and security software.

Hence, the conclusion here is that the Ultimate 14 version is superior to the PRO 14 version.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 Features


Let us take a look at the new features of Advanced SystemCare 14 Ultimate:


  • Basic Protection from Security Threats

    It is essential to have basic protection from an antivirus. Sometimes, we ought to have the best features and functions, but we ignore the basic things.  Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 starts with the basic security feature to keep your system safe and secure. However, we will never suggest using it as your Primary Antivirus. It goes well with your primary Antivirus in a supportive role.

  • Enhanced Malware Protection

    The Advanced Malware protection module catches modern threats. It deploys a strong Malware protection engine that auto-updates every day with the latest security definitions. Version 14 includes an Anti-ransomware engine for extra protection.

  • Surf and Search the Web Safely

    You can surf confidently with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14. Also, it has a filtering mechanism to avoid phishing and fraud websites. Hence, you are safe online. To achieve this, a small plugin is installed on your browser. Each website URL that appears on search results are marked as safe or unsafe. Hence, you already aware of the safety risks before opening unknown websites.

  • 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster

    Advanced SystemCare Ultimate tweaks your browser to speed up your browsing experience. It optimizes your web browsers to use the parallel connection to fetch data by taking input about your connection speed. The more parallel connections, the faster your pages load. Hence, it optimizes the use of your internet bandwidth.

  • Deep Windows Registry Clean

    One of the reasons for the system’s slow down is bad Windows Registry entries. With Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14, you can scan for invalid registry entries, help files, DLLs, and more. Ensure that your computer runs at its optimum performance by reducing the size and optimizing the registry file.

  • Over 20 Smart Tools for Daily PC Maintenance

    The Registry Cleaner is just one of the modules for system maintenance. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 also provides 20 other utilities to maintain the performance of your computer. You do not have to purchase individual programs as this software offers them all in one. Head over to the “Toolbox” tab and use any tool you wish. These are on-demand tools. Hence the download happens internally when you click to use them.

  • Block Malicious Attempts to Access Your Personal Data

    This is probably one of the features that users should not ignore. It ensures the complete safety of your Data.

  • Face Recognization with Face ID

    Face ID gives you an extra layer of protection from unauthorized system access. With this system, you can set your face as authorized while any other face is captured and logged.

  • DNS Protection

    Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 14 Provides DNS protection. Once enabled, it will not allow any application to change your DNS settings. Hence, preventing the fear of DNS attacks. Optionally, you can also select among popular public DNS services from within the application interface.

Windows 10 & Antivirus Compatibility

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is compatible with Windows 10. We are using a 64 Bit, Windows 10 system for our tests and have found no issues. Moreover, we have clubbed it with Bitdefender Total Security, and it worked without any issues or warnings.

In recent updates, we receive many user queries stating that Advanced SystemCare is not compatible with Malwarebytes. It is falsely detected as a PUP and is removed by Malwarebytes. Hence, you will need to exclude ASC from the Malwarebytes exclusion list. In this way, only you can use both applications.

If you wish to save more money, you can use our Malwarebytes coupon codes for the latest discounts.

We have performed complete cleaning operations of registry files and find concerns with the way ASC Ultimate works. Hence, to conclude here, it is completely safe with Windows registry files.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 Coupons

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In Addition to the rest, your Purchase has a 60 Days money-back guarantee. However, we recommend you install the trial version of the application. Doing so helps you to figure out compatibility issues, if any. Download the FREE Trial.

Is Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Worth the money?

ASCU 14 stands out with a stunning interface. It is easy to use and a single click tool for all your needs. ASC Ultimate can work in fully automated mode. Hence, once you set it up, you can forget about it. It seems to be completely compatible with Windows 10 and light on system resources. In comparison to other applications, ASC is the most superior in this category. It has ranked as CNET’s top choice for PC maintenance.

Find our Advanced SystemCare 14 Ultimate coupon codes helpful? Let us know about your experience in the review section below.