Bitdefender Family Pack

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$119.95 $37.99

$119.95 $37.99

A single purchase covers up to 15 devices of your family. Compatible with Windows PCs, Mac desktops/laptops, iOS, and Android Smartphones/Tablets.

It is a combination of all Multi-Device Bitdefender Security products.

Limited-Time Special Offers!

Download Only | No Auto-renewal | 60 Days Refund


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  1. Grayson


    Saved a good deal of money on Family pack license. Though my credit card transaction failed, the Paypal payment option worked and I finally made a safe purchase!!


We own a lot of devices in our lives today that help us to remain connected for online activities almost round the clock. Regular dependency makes it necessary to protect all devices. We need to keep online threats away. Hence, to do so, we get one multi-device Antivirus solution for each device to protect them; Bitdefender Family Pack. Also, you can save on the Bitdefender security software by using our Bitdefender Family Pack Discount coupon codes.

Bitdefender Family Pack adds only one license to your Bitdefender account for protecting 15 devices per household. It can safeguard PCs/Macs, Android devices, and iOS for the entire family.

Bitdefender Family Pack Discount Coupon FAQs

This section will try to answer all the general questions about discount deals and discount codes for Bitdefender Family Pack.

1) Are Bitdefender Coupons always available?

A) Bitdefender sales & special offers are available occasionally for a limited time. However, at Dealarious, we always have Family Pack discounts.

2) Are there any active Bitdefender Family pack discount codes?

A) Yes, you can use the discount code BDFP-PROMO02. Use these exclusive deals on Family Pack 2 Years and 3 Years packages. This promo code gives you an additional 2 USD discount over the 66% discount. Hence, you are always getting Bitdefender Top offers.

3) How to use the Bitdefender Family Pack Promo code?

A) Copy the Family Pack promo code and move it to the cart page. On this page, find the link text “Have a coupon? Click here.” On clicking the link, a coupon box appears; use your Family Pack promo code and apply it. Once the coupon is added to your cart, you will get the biggest savings.

4) How to get Bitdefender Family Pack’s best price online?

A) At Dealarious Store, you will always get the cheapest price for Bitdefender Family Pack subscriptions.

5) In which country can I use these Bitdefender Coupons and Promo Codes?

A) All the Bitdefender coupon offerings at Dealarious Store are Global. Hence, you can use the offers in the United States, Australia, the UK, etc. So, you can enjoy the extra savings no matter where you are on the globe.

6) How to get Bitdefender product customer service?

A) Once you buy from Dealarious Store at the best Bitdefender Family Pack price, you can contact Bitdefender customer support directly for product-related assistance.

7) What is the Family Pack automatic renewal policy?

A) When you buy from Dealarious Store with Bitdefender coupon codes, there is no auto-renewal. Hence, you must manually purchase a new subscription when your current subscription ends.

How Bitdefender Family Pack Helps

For different Operating Systems, Bitdefender Family Pack is a complete protection security suite. You can download all the installers right from your Bitdefender Central account.

Family Pack for Windows PCs

It provides all the protection that is available for Bitdefender Total Security. It includes real-time Internet protection with Multi-Layer Ransomware protection. Also, there are added security features like Advanced Threat Defense, Autopilot mode, Safe Online Banking, Anti-Theft via Bitdefender Central, safeguards private information, secure online shopping, and Parental Control.

Family Pack for Mac

It provides safety from the recent viruses that have started affecting Mac OSX. Also, at times, the virus lay dormant in the system. The Mac user then transmits these viruses to other Windows devices. This Bitdefender service prevents any such infection with Time Machine Protection as well. Apart from this, natural internet and personal information protection are always there.

In the case of Android devices

Bitdefender Antivirus protects Android mobile devices from the malware currently affecting many devices. It also checks and blocks websites. These sites contain threats to personal information. Losing such devices is very common. So, Bitdefender Family Pack also can locate and lock the lost device via Bitdefender Central. Also, with Bitdefender Security, you can perform wipe and clean actions over the web/by sending SMS. It also warns if an app wants to access private information or engage in voice or data traffic.

Usage Summary for Family Pack in 2023

On the whole, Bitdefender Family Pack is an award-winning cybersecurity software that gives complete security for a more massive collection of devices. It covers all the general devices that you use daily. Using Bitdefender Central, you can easily monitor these devices.

For more info, you can visit the Bitdefender Family pack Official page. The package offer remains the same compared to the previous Bitdefender Family Pack version. One important fact is that Bitdefender no longer mentions the version number on the product pages. Hence, you can determine the same by looking at the Build number. The major build number for the latest Bitdefender release is 26.

Difference Between Family Pack & Total Security

First, let’s start with similar functions. Both Bitdefender antivirus packs support Multiple platforms. Hence, the Bitdefender Total Security multi-device is the same as Bitdefender Family. They are not different products but a combination of complete protection for all operating systems. Also, as a common point, everything is operated from the Bitdefender Central account.

However, the difference is in the number of devices we can protect. Bitdefender Total Security can support up to a max of 10 multi-OS systems. At the same time, a Bitdefender Family pack can protect 15 devices. That’s the only difference. So, if you have limited devices, go with Multi-Device. If you need to protect many devices, i.e., more than 10, we suggest going for Bitdefender Family Pack.

For more details, we have made a Bitdefender edition comparison guide.

Difference between Family Pack and Bitdefender Premium Security

In usage terms, Bitdefender Premium Security is a superior package as it also includes Bitdefender Premium VPN. Bitdefender Family pack supports up to 15 devices without any VPN included, whereas the Bitdefender Premium Security supports 10 devices with premium Unlimited VPN traffic.

Using Bitdefender Family Pack Coupon Codes

Bitdefender Family Pack discount coupons

In usage terms, Bitdefender Premium Security is a superior package as it also includes Bitdefender Premium VPN. Bitdefender Family pack supports up to 15 devices without any VPN included, whereas the Bitdefender Premium Security supports 10 devices with premium Unlimited VPN traffic.

Using Bitdefender Family Pack Coupon Codes

You should always look for and buy software products using discount coupons and promo codes. Hence, it ensures you get the best price for the Antivirus Program and extra savings. Using Bitdefender Family Pack Coupon Code, you can buy protection for as low as 37 USD. Refer to the purchase section above for Discount Coupon Codes.

We make the Bitdefender Family Pack discount coupon codes always work. Please note these coupon offers are available for a short time only. Please visit the purchase section above and buy the subscription of your choice. We will always update the promo code for special seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year coupons and sale offers.

Conclusion: Is the Family Pack worth your money?

Yes, it is but with a condition. Family Pack is a complete package if you have many devices (10+) to protect under one account. The benefit is that you can protect upto 15 household devices. Hence, for a family, this pack saves a lot of money. Also, you can get a low price by using discount coupons from Dealarious.

If you do not want 15 devices, save money for Bitdefender Total security. Check our Bitdefender Total Security discount coupons for the best deals. If you want to protect only the Windows platform, you can save a great deal by visiting our Bitdefender Internet Security Coupon section.

Did the Bitdefender Family Pack Coupon code provide you with the best discount price online? Let us know if any of the discount coupons did not work in the review section.