Bitdefender VPN Premium

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$69.99 $24.95

$69.99 $24.95

It is a simple and no-configuration VPN. It complements your primary Bitdefender subscription and helps to protect your online privacy.

You can add the VPN license to your existing account. Once you add the subscription, all the installed free VPNs connected to your account will automatically convert to the Premium version and support up to 10 devices.

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Customer reviews of Bitdefender VPN Premium

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4.94 out of 5 stars

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  1. Kenneth


    I regularly torrent and stream in 4K using Bitdefender VPN, which I have subscribed to for over 3 years. I occasionally experience speed issues, but overall it’s great and worth having.

  2. Justin


    Great discount offer as part of Black friday sale. Made a purchase.

  3. Dario


    Renewing my VPN subscription for the third time from Dealarious. Satisfactory service and it fits within my budget. With the Product I wish it had more features,

  4. Jason


    A good VPN in terms of features and customer support. As far as pricing goes, the price here is cheaper than the official website and third party sellers.

  5. Phil


    Currently using Bitdefender’s VPN. Good for watching geo blocked videos and above all comes at an affordable price range.


It is a simple and efficient VPN. To safeguard your online presence, you can use it as a standalone service or alongside your primary Bitdefender security suite.

You can add the VPN license to your existing account. Once you add the subscription, all the installed free VPNs connected to your account will automatically convert to the Premium version and support up to 10 devices.

Introduction (Overview of the product)

Bitdefender Premium VPN is an efficient standalone VPN service that seamlessly integrates with your Bitdefender Antivirus Solution Products. It is an easy-to-use VPN, away from the hassle of complicated configurations. With a host of powerful features such as Wireguard protection, Double Hop, Auto-Connect, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, etc., it provides comprehensive security for your online activity.

Bitdefender Premium VPN allows you to enjoy the peace of mind of strong encryption protocols, safeguarding your internet activity from potential intruders. It boasts over 4,000 high-speed servers spread across 50+ countries worldwide, ensuring blazing-fast connections wherever you go.

Is VPN Free with Bitdefender? Free Vs. Premium VPN

Bitdefender VPN offers a 7-day Premium Trial, which offers unlimited server and data access. Once the Trial is over, The Premium VPN will convert to a Free VPN.

Free VPN

The Free VPN works without a time limit. With Free Bitdefender VPN, there are two primary restrictions.

  • You have limited options to change the server location.
  • You only have up to 500MB of data per day.

Premium VPN

With Bitdefender VPN Premium, you can use unlimited data and choose your VPN proxy server.

That’s all the differences between Bitdefender Free & Premium VPN.

How do I Use Bitdefender VPN?

You can install the free VPN from within your Bitdefender Antivirus. Check for the VPN option in the Antivirus app and click to install it. Bitdefender installs it in the background. As soon as the installation finishes, the VPN is ready to use.

However, if you want a standalone app, download the file from Bitdefender Premium VPN’s official website


Bitdefender VPN Interface

Bitdefender Premium VPN features a clean and intuitive user interface with three theme sets: Automatic, Light, and Dark.

It includes tracking connection time (you can switch between Today, Week, and Month), information on Ads and Trackers, blocked Secured Traffic, and Your IP Address. Additionally, users have the option to activate a Kill-Switch for added security.

The left side of the window is dedicated to the functional aspect of the app. You’ll find a prominent blue “Connect” button, easily noticeable upon opening the app. Adjacent to this button is a tab for selecting your desired location server. If the VPN is currently connected, it will display the specific location you’re connected to.

If you need more control over your VPN, go to the Settings option at the top right-hand side of the window. The Settings menu is thoughtfully organized, making it easy to navigate through important tools. From there, you can make necessary adjustments to tailor your VPN settings based on your preferences. 

Bitdefender Premium VPN: Features


Bitdefender Premium VPN offers an additional layer of security through its built-in Kill-Switch feature. This feature protects your internet activity in case the VPN connection drops. When activated, the Kill Switch blocks your internet access until the VPN connection is restored, preventing your system from reverting to an insecure connection.

Abundant Servers and Locations

With Bitdefender Premium VPN, you can connect to over 4,000 blazing-fast servers in 50+ countries.


Bitdefender Premium VPN offers an Auto-connect feature to secure your connection on public Wi-Fi networks. What’s particularly fascinating about this feature is that you can customize it to activate based on your specific needs. The Auto-connect options include Device Startup, Unsecured Wi-Fi, Peer-to-peer apps, Specific applications or websites, and even Website Categories.


With the Split-tunneling feature, you can bypass the VPN and connect directly to the internet for selected apps and websites.

Ad blocker and Anti-tracker

Bitdefender Premium VPN includes two powerful features for enhancing online privacy and security. The Ad blocker feature effectively removes annoying and potentially malicious ads, banners, pop-ups, and video ads. 

Additionally, the Anti-tracker feature blocks trackers deployed by advertisers to secretly monitor your online activities, ensuring your online privacy remains safeguarded.

App Traffic Optimizer

The App Traffic Optimizer feature in Bitdefender Premium VPN allows you to prioritize lagging apps, ensuring they receive most of your traffic for improved performance. Currently, this feature supports prioritization for up to three apps.

Double Hop

Bitdefender Premium VPN’s Double Hop feature provides an extra layer of security by enabling encrypted routing through two VPN servers. It makes it significantly more difficult for intruders to trace your IP address.


Strong Encryption

Bitdefender Premium VPN ensures your online activities are kept private with top-notch security. It utilizes 256-bit AES encryption through the Hydra protocol, the most advanced protection. This encryption creates a secure connection between your device and the server, safeguarding your data from unwanted eyes.

To enhance security further, Bitdefender Premium VPN uses Perfect Forward Secrecy. This means that it frequently changes the keys used to encrypt and decrypt information. So, even if a key is compromised in the future, it cannot be used to decode past or future communications. This method ensures that each session you have online is separately secured, significantly reducing the risk of your data being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Multiple Connection Protocol

Bitdefender Premium VPN provides advanced users with the option to choose from five different encryption protocols, allowing for a more secure internet connection:

  1. Automatic
  2. Hydra Catapult
  3. OpenVPN UDP
  4. OpenVPN TCP
  5. Wireguard

You can select protocols based on your needs to enhance your online security further.

Note: The current VPN protocol, including WireGuard, OpenVPN UDP, and TCP, offers limited functionality. For optimal performance, the application recommends using the Hydra Protocol.

Bitdefender Premium VPN: Coupons Codes & Pricing Plans

Bitdefender VPN costs USD 69.99 per Year. However, using a Bitdefender VPN Coupon Code, you can get it at USD 22.95 approx. However, please note that the prices vary from time to time. The Premium Version supports Unlimited data.

How Can I Get a Bitdefender VPN Coupon Code?

Well, there are many ways to get a Bitdefender VPN coupon code. You can search for it on Google and check websites offering VPN coupons. However, in my experience, you will only lose time if you search for it on the web. Most of the Bitdefender VPN coupons available on such websites do not work. Hence, the best option is to buy it from Dealarious at the lowest price with a considerable discount.

Can I Renew my Existing account using the Bitdefender VPN Coupon?

Yes. You can use our Bitdefender VPN coupon codes to renew your existing subscription. Also, our license will extend the validity days of your existing Bitdefender VPN Premium subscription. However, if you purchase it directly from Bitdefender, turn off auto-renewal. There are no Bitdefender VPN coupon codes for auto-renewals. Hence, Bitdefender charges you the full amount.

Does Bitdefender VPN Support Torrenting?

Bitdefender VPN supports torrenting, allowing users to engage in P2P file-sharing activities without restrictions.

Does Bitdefender VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, Bitdefender VPN now works with Netflix, including US, UK, and Canada proxies. While previously, there were issues accessing Netflix’s vast library through Bitdefender VPN, and those limitations have been addressed.

Does Bitdefender VPN work with BBC iPlayer?

Based on several tests, Bitdefender VPN is compatible with BBC iPlayer. Users can access BBC iPlayer using Bitdefender VPN, although it’s important to remember that BBC iPlayer frequently updates its list of blocked VPN IPs. As a result, there may be occasions when Bitdefender VPN might not work with BBC iPlayer due to these updates.

Customer Support

Bitdefender Premium VPN offers a variety of customer support options to assist users:

  • Access FAQs and user guides for self-help.
  • Reach out via email for assistance.
  • Utilize the reliable live chat option for quick support.
  • Benefit from calling support for immediate assistance.

Their support team is quick to respond and efficient.

Is Bitdefender VPN Any Good?

Yes, Bitdefender VPN is effective for ensuring online privacy. It offers a high-speed, secure connection without data leaks and follows a strict no-logs policy. Additionally, it operates outside of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, providing its users an extra layer of privacy.

What is the best cheap alternative for Bitdefender VPN?

If you are looking for an advanced Premium VPN, you can check the NordVPN CouponCyberGhost VPN Coupon, and Surfshark VPN Coupon sections. As a bonus, Surfshark supports Unlimited devices.