CCleaner Professional 6

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$29.95 $12.99

CCleaner Professional 6 is one of the best system cleaners that is lightweight, simple, and safe to use.

Select the Professional Plus version if you want the best value in 3 Device Subscription support for Android and Mac. Read our CCleaner Pro Review.

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CCleaner Pro is one of the top registry cleaners for Windows, Mac & Android. Starting as only a free application, Ccleaner has gained the utmost trust of its users. Later on, the paid versions came in with the addition of automatic system care features. Hence, now, with the new CCleaner 6.0, all you need to do is install the application and forget about it.  You can use our CCleaner Coupon Codes and get all the features at the best price online.

As a quick note, you will not have any compatibility issues with CCleaner Pro. In comparison to other system cleaner applications, CCleaner Professional is safer for Windows registry cleaning operations. Also, you can use it as a portable version. Hence, it implies that there is no need to install the software on your computer.

In this CCleaner pro overview, we will go through all the features of the application. Also, we will cover the differences between the Professional and Professional Plus versions.

CCleaner 6 Homescreen

CCleaner Pro Vs. Ccleaner Pro Plus

There are two differences between the CCleaner Professional and CCleaner Professional Plus.

  1. The Professional version only supports CCleaner Pro for 1 Windows PC – for 1 Year.
  2. The Professional Plus version is a bundle of CCleaner Windows, Mac, and CCleaner Android. You can use it on 3 devices simultaneously.

Hence, with the CCleaner coupon code, you can buy the Professional Plus subscription. That’s a significant discount, considering that you get four applications.

CCleaner Pro Features

This registry cleaner tool is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit of all Windows OS. It also includes support for the older versions of Windows. It is essential to know that this program is developed for Windows as well as Mac platforms.

There are three methods of installation for CCleaner. The first one is called the full install, which includes an option to install the Google Chrome browser and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. The second one is the portable version, which is mostly used by a lot of people as it does not require installation. The third one is the Slim installer, which is similar to the full installer but does not include Google product installation.

Registry Cleaning

This software is more than a registry cleaner. It is more like a system cleaner as it cleans many areas of the computer aside from the registry.

As far as registry cleaners are concerned, this software is primarily focused on cleaning the Windows registry for programs, files, and other entries that no longer exist. For example, the program removes registry entries for software that you do not have anymore.

These entries can be services, sound events, installers, help files, fonts, application paths, applications, type libraries, COM/ActiveX objects, file extensions, and DLL files. Hence, this feature runs CCleaner in a perfect troubleshooting method when you have missing file errors, especially when your computer restarts.

Online Privacy Cleaner

CCleaner, on the outside, also cleans temporary browser files and data such as cache, history, and cookies from all browsers. You can also perform other things like emptying the recycle bin and thumbnail cache in Windows, cleaning MRU lists, and so much more.

Performance Optimizer

CCleaner 6.0 comes with a new patented feature – Performance Optimizer.  As the name indicates, this feature will help in speeding up your PC performance which will in turn extend your system’s battery life. It does this by scanning your PC for programs/apps that are slowing down your PC and putting them to sleep.

You can either put all the programs to sleep or those that are not much used by you. Unless and until needed, those programs will stop running in the background, thus consuming fewer system resources. When needed, Performance Optimizer will automatically wake those programs for you.

Driver Updater

CCleaner comes with a Driver Updater feature to keep all your PC drivers up-to-date. Having a database of more than 25 million drivers, Driver Updater will scan your PC to check for outdated drivers, which also includes updating graphics drivers and sound drivers. With their new Portal Matching technology, CCleaner will search and help find the specific drivers for you.

CCleaner Pro Tools

The software also provides a Tools section where you can perform the following actions:

Software Updater

In this section, you can update existing software on your device. CCleaner Pro automatically scans your system for 3rd party applications and informs you about versions that are out of date. It is important to update software regularly as an old version can expose you to security vulnerabilities. In the latest version, CCleaner has included 50 new applications to Software Updater.


The startup manager module helps you to remove lower-priority applications. Hence, you can now gain your system’s boot speed. Use this module to disable any application that you do not need. You can always open applications manually from the Windows program list. Therefore what’s the need to increase system load?

Browser Plugins

This module is very important. With the Browser Plugins module, you can see all current extensions on all your browsers. You should go through the list and delete any extension that you do not use. Keep the extensions that you trust.

Disk Analyzer & Duplicate Finder

Analyze your disks and determine which files are taking up space. Also, you can find and delete any duplicate data on your system. Hence, with this option, you can recover a lot of wasted space.

System Restore & Drive Wiper

CCleaner has a System Restore feature to get rid of unwanted system restore points. However, for safety reasons, you won’t be able to remove the latest restore point.

To erase or wipe the entire drive wipe or free space, you can use the Drive Wiper feature. To protect your privacy, Drive Wiper will remove all traces of a deleted file.

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CCleaner Pro Coupon Codes

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CCleaner Pro Coupon: FAQs

Q. How to get discounts on CCleaner Pro?

A) You can always get the best deals on subscriptions with our CCleaner Pro coupons. Hence, you get the best value for your money.

Q. How to get License Key for CCleaner Pro / CCleaner Pro Plus?

A) When you buy CCleaner Pro or Plus from Dealarious Store, you get the CCleaner Pro license key delivered to your email shortly.

Q. How do I activate CCleaner Pro?

A) Launch CCleaner and go to Options > License Key in the CCleaner interface. Enter the CCleaner Pro license key that you have purchased from Dealarious. The product is activated as soon as you enter a valid activation code.

CCleaner Pro Conclusion

Download CCleaner from the official Piriform website only. Some malicious programs look like the original copy but charge you a certain price for the cleaning. Be careful! Overall CCleaner Pro is a good and clean app. It is an essential application as no matter how much you like to do the cleanup manually, it consumes a lot of time. Hence, you will never go wrong with CCleaner Pro.

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