Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

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$84.99 $34.99

$84.99 $34.99

It is a complete Security and Maintenance pack for your Mac. The Intego Mac Premium bundle X9 includes:

  • Virus Barrier X9
  • Net Barrier X9
  • Mac Washing Machine X9
  • Content Barrier X9
  • Personal Backup

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Customer reviews of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

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  1. JonnyK

    Highly recommended!


    I’m using Intego for a lot of time and it’s just a great product!
    Best Antivirus for Mac users with a very attractive price.
    Highly recommended!

  2. John

    great antivirus!


    Awesome antivirus and especially the Mac Washing Machine feature, that helped me cleanup duplicate files on my mac!


As the name suggests, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a collection of software from the Intego’s suite. It aims at protection and content control on MacOS. But how good is their offering?

If you have been keeping tabs on the news, you might be aware of the increase in cyber-attacks on MacOS and iOS. An article from Malwarebytes LABS talks about the increased volume of Mac malware attacks by 270 percent Since 2016. Another article talks about the 500 percent growth in ransomware attacks affecting MacOS and iOS.

Don’t panic because there are solutions to such problems. Several companies have been working on providing security products for MacOS. Intego is an established brand in this scene. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the package offer for Mac users. Since you are here, you can also get Intego Mac Premium Bundle coupon codes and save a good amount on your purchase.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Overview

Intego was found in the year 1997, devoted to providing security solutions for Apple products. The Mac Premium Bundle X9 incorporates three security and protection software.

  • VirusBarrier X9
  • NetBarrier X9
  • ContentBarrier X9

Also, there are two maintenance software in the bundle:

  • Mac Washing Machine X9
  • Personal Backup

In a sense, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a complete package. In the following sections, we will talk about the individual apps in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9. Also, do remember to use our Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 coupon codes.

Intego VirusBarrier X9

This element of the Intego Mac Premium Mac Bundle X9 solely focuses on virus and malware protection. VirusBarrier X9 stays alert, checking every process in the operating system. The real-time antivirus keeps track and scans files to ensure that your Mac remains safe. Further, it also monitors and downloads the latest updates when connected to the Internet, helping it to find and block new emerging threats.

Additionally, the VirusBarrier can detect Mac as well as Windows malware. Hence, also saving you from potentially transferring affected files from and to friends and relatives’ Windows systems. On the mobile front, it helps to check the integrity of data on your iPhone or iPad.

Intego NetBarrier X9

This module of the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 handles the networking aspect. It is ‘active’ in the sense that it prevents potential sources of security compromise. While VirusBarrier directly deals with the threat, NetBarrier concentrates on plugging probable pathways for virus and malware via the network connection. Every aspect of your Mac’s network process is under scrutiny for anomalies.

Location-based Features

It controls the behavior of applications and settings concerning the network. The two-way firewall assesses both incoming and outgoing activities, notifying you in case there are any new connections.

Also, you get the luxury of identifying and blocking unknown devices trying to access your Mac, thus, keeping file-sharing among the trusted devices.

NetBarrier X9 and VirusBarrier X9 are a part of Intego Mac Internet Security. In case, you need the two modules only, check our Intego Mac Antivirus coupon codes.

Intego ContentBarrier X9

This module of Intego Mac Premium bundle X9 acts as a Parental control unit. Think of ContentBarrier as your virtual self, and I mean yourself as a parent. The Internet has all forms of content, some of which might not be suitable for your young ones. Neither you can restrict them from using the Internet, nor you can be around checking on them all the time. Hence, the need for Content Barrier.

Control over Internet Content

This module in the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 gives you complete parental control over the computer. It allows you to configure the system in a way that is suitable for your children.

You can set the program to restrict access to particular websites which are inappropriate for children. Besides, you can set up different profiles for each of your children to suit their needs while putting a check on their internet wanderlust.

Complementing these features are selective remote website whitelist and Anti-Predator chat monitoring. The whitelisting feature allows access to specific sites for your child to work on his assignment without your supervision. The Anti-Predator chat monitoring enables recording keystrokes, capturing screenshots of applications to let you know if, when and where your child came across inappropriate content.

Mac Washing Machine X9

Your Mac is bound to store data that you might not be using anymore. It could be the cache files, unused programs, duplicate files, logs etc. Such data eats up precious disk space that can be of better use. With the Mac Washing Machine, you can get rid of all the unwanted files and folders with a single click.

Additionally, it also helps you delete all the duplicate files on the computer. The Mac Washing Machine makes the job of finding and deleting redundant files fast and straightforward. Hence, saving you time and effort. This module in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 takes care of system maintenance.

In case, this package does not interest you take a look at MacBooster. It is also a reputed Mac maintenance software. Dealarious also offers Macbooster coupon codes for added benefit.

Additional Features

Cleaning is not the only task of the Mac Washing Machine. It is also capable of organizing files and folders. You can use it to organize your applications and data on the desktop and dock. The program provides you detailed info about the apps and files.

Hence, you know the relevance of the app to your usage pattern. This feature helps to reduce clutter and make things more accessible.

Personal Backup X9

It is the last offering in the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9. The Personal Backup creates a bootable backup of your Mac with minimum fuss and inputs from your side.

Every one of us has learned the importance of maintaining backups the hard way at some point. Still, manually it is a tedious task. Forget about periodic backups. The Personal Backup module keeps this simple with scheduled creation of multiple backups of essential files. Hence, you do not have to worry about even a single mouse click.

Intego Bundle X9 Performance

The Mac Premium Bundle X9 is quite complete. However, we just can’t be fazed by what they offer. Performance and promise are two different things. So, let’s have an assessment of the product w.r.t its performance.

Each of the application in the Intego Mac Premium bundle has a different job at hand. Hence we need to look at the apps one by one.

  • VirusBarrier X9 Performance

The VirusBarrier X9 performs tremendously in detecting and preventing malware attacks on your Mac. In the Intego AV-Test performed on the 10.9 version, the software shows a 100% detection result. VirusBarrier detects every malware with ease.

Anti-virus software can be overprotective at times. In the sense that they may incorrectly flag some applications as malware. Thus, preventing apps from launching or even not allowing them to install on the system.

Zero False Positives

In the AV-Test of December 2018, against a sample of 20,620 existing software from the last 15-years, the program showed zero false detections. Further, 50 samples were used to assess interference during installation and use of the programs. The VirusBarrier passes easily, again scoring a zero, meaning no false warnings.

Threat Removal

It does an outstanding job of detecting and preventing malware attacks, but it does not remove them from the computer. The application provides three options in the warning dialog box:

  • Trust
  • Quarantine
  • Repair

The aspects of ‘Trust’ and ‘Repair’ are self-explanatory, the former lets the application know that the detected file isn’t harmful and can be trusted. The latter calls for the repair of the identified data.

Superb Detection Rate

VirusBarrier module of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 performs very well in fighting against virus and malware attacks, albeit it can’t remove the threat entirely. Where it loses the most points is in the aspect of computer operation. VirusBarrier, by default, scans every new file as well as an application that is created or launched. i.e., Every time you open Safari or your office document, it performs a scan to assure the absence of malware.

Performance Impact

We see the evidence in the December 2018 AV-Test. VirusBarrier did not restrict the download of 91 frequently-used applications. However, it did affect launch times of the 11 test software applications. When compared to an industry average of 16 percent, Intego appears to have nearly 48 percent slower load times.

Again, the application installation times were 105 percent slower, which is very high than the 29 percent industry average. When it comes to copying files, be it locally or in a network, it performed better than the industry average of 15 percent, only causing 2 percent slower copying times.

Though you are secure on the security front using the VirusBarrier, you might feel a slight impact on Your Mac’s speed and performance. However, we did not face much slowness in real feel on our MacBook Pro 2017 model.

NetBarrier X9 Performance

NetBarrier X9 offers you a lot of options to customize every bit of your computer’s network behavior. Be it a home, work or public network. You get to choose between allowing incoming and outgoing connections over the Internet and local connections. Having control over the individual elements of communication of the computer over a network helps you to stay away from potential cyber-attacks. In this module of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, the three preset profiles let you set predefined computer behavior based on the type of the network to which your Mac connects.

Individual App Network Configuration

Further, you can also control individual application behavior over the network. For example, you might not want Google Drive to have any connection over a public network. Also, you get popups asking permission for allowing an incoming connection or network access when a program is started for the first time — this aspect of controlling application aids a lot in blocking any potential pathways for cyber-attacks.

NetBarrier does not affect Mac’s speed and performance as it does not actively access the memory. It monitors the network connections, allowing or restricting access to applications.

ContentBarrier X9 Performance

Intego ContentBarrier X9 helps guide the user’s behavior by restricting access to some inappropriate websites and content. It is a full-fledged monitoring system, letting you capture screenshots, record screens, and even keystrokes.

There are four configurations to choose from:

  • No Protection
  • Monitored
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Restricted Internet

You have to apply any configuration you set to a user account. Additionally, there are features like Scheduled Internet Access, blocking websites based on custom settings or category, filtering Emails and Instant Messages, and Anti-Phishing.

Controlling Internet Access

The Scheduled internet access features lets you set duration and days of when your kid can access the Internet. It is quite a useful feature to limit internet usage based on pre-defined time. Besides, you can selectively block particular sites or let the application do it based on set categories.

A person on the Internet experiences phishing activities via fraudulent emails and ads. ContentBarrier curbs this issue by relying on specific key phrases and words, blocking the chat or email which contain any of these keywords and phrases. Further, you can also prevent particular applications use on the computer with ContentBarrier.

Using the application is like your kid is browsing the Internet under your presence; as if you are directing where to go and where not to. Hence, keeping them safe.

Mac Washing Machine X9 Performance

The Mac Washing Machine intends to reduce the effort that you put into organizing your computer. With use, you will create file and folders, install applications and perform other functions. Having to focus on the task at hand, you will have less time to organize. Hence, creating clutter.

This application frees you from manually checking each file and folder and cleaning them. You only assist in its task by letting it know about your preferences.

Then there’s the ‘Reclaim’ feature, letting you get rid of unwanted cache, log, language and files in the trash. One click of a button and you get rid of all, freeing up disk space automatically.

Personal Backup X9 Performance

You get four main options in the application’s main screen:

  • Backup
  • Bootable Backup
  • Synchronize
  • Restore

Backup creates a copy of the files, folders or drives on a separate drive. Bootable backup clones a different disk to be boot-ready. It is hugely useful if the primary drive faces a problem. Synchronize creates copies on files and folders at an alternate location which are ready for access. You can automate all these functions as daily or weekly tasks, or manually perform the backups and syncs.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Usability

User experience holds top priority in Apple products and applications. So, using the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is not something of a concern. Each of the application in the package has an interface that is meant to be highly user-friendly.

All the apps in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 have specific intent and options. Hence, making for an easy and understandable interface. All the apps have an on-screen guide which helps you to know the working very quickly. Unless you are unaware of some basic terms (say, quarantine, repair or reclaim), you will easily get the hold on it.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Verdict

As an entire package, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is worth considering. The bundle packs all the essentials – an anti-virus, a firewall system, a parental control system, a backup utility and an auto cleaner, which help to make the best of your computer concerning efficiency and learning.

The programs have some limitations, but that might be the case with other applications in the market, though it might be something different. The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 puts security at the forefront, and it excels in that regard.

So, unless, the shortcomings of the applications are ground-breaking for you, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 serves as a good option in terms of the overall offering.