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$69.95 $19.95

$69.95 $19.95

Iolo System Mechanic Pro provides the best Windows Maintenance Services to all levels of users, be it Basic or Advanced.

It is easy to use with a simple interface and Windows 10 / 11 integration. Automate system cleanup and keep all your PCs fast and responsive.

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Customer reviews of iolo System Mechanic Pro

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  1. Zak Lyons

    Zak Lyons

    I had another utility software installed earlier that didn’t work the way it should have worked. Also, my PC was running slow. My peace of mind and safety was at stake.
    Thanks to System Mechanic, my Win 10 PC is now running smoothly and its performance has also improved. I like the Register Cleaner and Uninstaller programs which I use the most.

    Ordered the yearly subscription from Dealarious that offered a great deal!!

  2. Miguel Pérez

    Miguel Pérez

    Programa de mantenimiento de PC todo en uno para mi PC y portátil Dell.
    ¡Vale la pena el dinero!

  3. Arlet Guajardo Acosta

    Arlet Guajardo Acosta

    I found a great deal at this store and bought it right away. I still haven’t tested this software.
    Will be sharing my genuine review after I start using it.

    Thank you Dealarious for making my day :)

  4. Chris

    Perfect Maintenance Tool


    Using it since last 2 years and never disappointed

  5. Steve


    Best application in my view


Everyone hates slow PCs. If your PC has lost its mettle and has become slow and sluggish, then iolo System Mechanic has the solution.

iolo is a reputed company in the PC tune-up space that consistently develops technology for PC optimization, data recovery, and computer security. System Mechanic Pro from iolo restores your PC’s performance, which can match the one you experienced when you first fired it up. 

System Mechanic does this by finding and fixing 30000+ different problems, removing any bloatware & junk files that dig up into your system resources. Besides, it also makes sure you get the smoothest experience when you launch resource-hungry apps, games, and more by allocating the maximum CPU, RAM, and hard drive resources for that program on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. 

With improved interface and enhancement in the present tools makes it even better. In this section, you can save big by using our iolo System Mechanic Pro coupons. You can also check the official System Mechanic Offers on the product website.

iolo System Mechanic Pro: Feature Overview


iolo System Mechanic mainly works in 3 segments for optimum PC performance:


    • Bloatware Removal
    • Problem resolution
    • De-Clutter system
    • Boosts System Speed
    • Improves Internet browsing speed

Privacy & Security

    • Antivirus protects against malware
    • Non-recoverable file removal

Data Recovery

    • Data retrieval for accidentally lost data

iolo System Mechanic User Interface

The home screen is a clean and tidy interface with all the key features listed out in front and easily accessible from there. 

The interface’s left panel consists of the Dashboard, Toolbox, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, and Security sections. The dashboard section shows the current system status of your PC. The dashboard includes three tabs – Issues, History, and Status.

Deep Scan Vs. Quick Scan

System Mechanic Pro offers two modes of scanning as a part of the diagnostic tools on the dashboard.

  1. Deep Scan: This scan takes more time to complete. It scans in-depth for any issues, errors, and problems.
  2. Quick Scan: It is a faster version of the scan that scans for issues and errors on the surface and gives you a quick fix for the issues.

On the left of the home screen, you can access the other tabs, which have internal options for further fine-tuning your system. Some of them are:


The toolbox has five further options


This tool allows you to clean up any junk files that may be eating out your system memory. You get options to clean up the registry, Internet, and windows files. You can also select the All-in-One PC Cleanup option to clean all junk files with a single click.

In addition, you also get an option of Advanced Uninstaller, which helps uninstall any stubborn or difficult programs to uninstall.


Here, you get options to run programs faster by re-aligning and defragmenting them. There’s also an option to block out bloatware on start-up to prevent longer boot times and faster start-up times. Also, you find an option to improve net speed by ‘NetBooster’ and a tab to recover waste RAM in real-time.


This option makes sure you are protected from all ends. There is an option that identifies and removes deceiving and potentially unwanted programs that drain your system resources. Security Optimizer makes sure that the windows run on the latest security patches. The Incinerator tab allows you to delete files without leaving a trace behind permanently. So much so that even System Mechanic recovery options cannot recover them later.


The Recover option helps to get back files deleted accidentally on your system hard drive, an external device, or a specific folder. You can choose from SmartScan or StrongScan options here.


The Manage option helps to tweak your Windows settings so that you exactly want them to work. You also get access to options usually hidden on the default Windows PC settings panel.


The ActiveCare is pretty much an auto-pilot of your System Mechanic Pro. When you are away from your PC or busy with your work, ActiveCare makes sure that it scans your PC from behind the scene and optimizes it.

There are options to choose what can be auto-optimized.

  • On-Demand boost
  • Clean out and repair registry issues
  • Eliminate dangerous programs at start-up
  • Defragment drive
  • Remove internet junk files, browsing data, and more.
  • Remove Windows junk files, broken shortcuts, and more.


LiveBoost continuously adjusts dozens of Windows settings for improved processor, memory, hard disk stability, and performance when you need it the most. 

You can choose presets between options that fall under three broad choices of Ultra-performance, Endurance, and Balanced.

A window shows how the PC’s core elements like Memory, Processor and Hard drives perform.


The last tab on the home screen is Security. Here, you will find two sections – Antivirus and Firewall. The VB100 certified System Shield Antivirus from iolo protects from viruses and malware. It also detects which antivirus program is already running and it is actively protecting the system. 

System Mechanic Pro also checks for the Windows firewall status. There are options to enable or disable it from this window.

The new enhanced Drive scrubber option helps permanently erase documents and any files. Hence, you will not be able to recover them under any circumstances.

iolo System Mechanic Pro Coupon Codes & Pricing Plans

iolo system mechanic pro coupon code

System Mechanic Pro costs USD 55.96 a year. A single license can install it on all Windows PCs under the Whole Home License policy from iolo. However, at Dealarious, you can get a subscription with up to 70% off. Also, you can buy the System Mechanic special discounts on seasonal offers during Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & New Year.


System Mechanic Pro version rightfully ensures that it has transformed from being only a PC tuner to a complete Windows optimizing tool package. Considering the money involved and that iolo provides a Whole Home License for all of your PCs, it is a great deal. Besides, it provides a vast array of single-click solutions to help you completely optimize your PC. It gets you to get Security, Efficiency, and Privacy on your PCs.

As an alternative, you can take a look at our Advanced SystemCare Pro and Ccleaner discounts.

Do let us know if our System Mechanic Pro Coupon or discounts are not working. We try our best to update all the offers with the best possible savings for you.