Movavi Video Suite 2022

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$99.95 $34.95

$99.95 $34.95

Create breath-taking videos with Movavi Video Suite 2022, all-in-one software for video making. For a full overview, read our Movavi Video Suite Review. The suite bundle consist of the following tools:

  1. Video Editor Plus- Cut / Join / Add Effects / Mix and Match
  2. Video Converter Premium – 180+ formats supported
  3. Screen Recorder

1 Device Lifetime – Global  | Download Only | 60 Days Refund

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You need to create videos for many purposes. Hence, it would help if you had software that allows you to create them. From personal to professional, each category of videos requires a different point of creativity and concept. Making it unique and distinct is what makes you special. Movavi Video Suite 2022 helps you to do just the same.

While making videos, it’s not always possible to use ready-made materials like sound, images, music files, etc. You have to create your stuff to suit videos in the best way. Hence comes an audio editor, image editor software separately. It not only makes things difficult but also the overall cost of purchase increases. You can now get up to a 60% discount using our Movavi coupons.

Therefore, Movavi provides a solution to your needs in a very convenient way. It does so by adding all the small software you will require alongside. Below are the features that make Make Video Suite unique.

Movavi Video Suite 2022 Features

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Home screen

Movavi Video Suite combines all the tools required for multimedia editing. It also allows you to burn your videos to disks efficiently. With Movavi Video Suite 2021, you can perform the following actions.

  • Add as many tracks as you want and organize them.
  • Lag-free Full HD and 4K video editing.
  • Easy to create a video using Montage Wizard.
  • Easily add ready-made intros and outros & also save custom templates for later use.
  • Improved scheduled recording reminds you before auto capturing.
  • Capability for editing video encodings like TTS and UT.
  • Apply editing settings to all videos in bulk before conversion.
  • VHS and TV signal recording

Movavi Video Suite 2022 Fresh Features

Apart from the above standard features, Movavi has added some new and unique features. These features will be a great addition to your editing skills. Hence, let us take a look at the unique things you will be able to do now.

Movavi Account: View all your purchases and manage your subscription easily in one place.

Media Library: Store all the media files used in your projects in the Media Library Tab. Also, you can share it to Google Drive or Vimeo directly from the library. You even have the option to add the files manually.

Mobile Companion app: Now, easily transfer files from your mobile to the media library.

Movavi Video Suite Multi-functionality

Apart from the above standard features, Movavi has added some new and unique features. These features will be a great addition to your editing skills. Hence, let us take a look at the unique things you will be able to do now.

  • Create Music-Synced Slideshows: The new slideshow widget also allows you to make perfect music sync with your slideshows.
  • Video Reversal: Indeed, a great feature to have. Playing video clips in reverse adds significant value to the presentation. Also, you can apply this effect anywhere to create stunning and focus clips.
  • Extra Presets: Movavi Video Suite includes extra preset items. Hence, you have a vast collection of video and sound effects, audio samples, transitions, and title styles. You can use them easily in your videos.
  • Audio Editing: Compared to previous versions, now you have more control over audio. You can edit sound using functions like equalizer, Normalization, and Noise removal.
  • Callout Captions: We already know that these are excellent means to convey a message in a video. Hence, you can make your videos speak for themselves.
  • Screen Recording: You can record the entire screen or any selected area. You can change the size of the recording area by applying the required width and length. With the Screen Recorder feature, you can take screenshots of the entire screen or any area of the screen. Also, you can share the recorded files among your friends via YouTube or Google Drive.

Movavi Video Suite 2022 Extra Features

Stock Content: Create and enhance videos with exclusive copyright-free video effects and stock media files. Choose from the library for titles, backgrounds, extra clips, footage, sound effects, and stock images.

Applications: Here, you will find other useful programs from Movavi. It includes programs for photo and video editing, work/business, and utilities.

Online-courses: Get access to various photo and video editing courses to improve your editing skills and become a pro. There are free and paid courses available as per your needs.

Community: Join the Movavi Video Suite Community to connect with others, share your videos, exchange ideas, discuss topics, and much more.

Refreshed User Interface

Movavi Video Suite 2021 interface

In Movavi Video suite 2022, you get a preference-based adaptive interface. Now, you can customize the features that appear on the app’s home screen. Also, Movavi includes all their other apps and services as upsell within the Suite. The interface has three main areas: the main features section, the Favorites, and the Spotlight section.

The features section includes Tools and Extras. The Spotlight section gives access to their latest news, articles, and helpful video tutorials.

The Favorites section lets you add the features you use more often. The Media Library Tab enables you to store all the media files you use.

However, a lot of users may not like the new interface. The interface till Movavi Video Suite 18 was clean and straightforward. In our opinion, Movavi is pushing its products rather than adding much value to the user experience.

Editing with Movavi Video Suite 2022

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Editing options

The new 2022 version has an improved Video Editor Timeline. Editing with the video editor is very simple and easy. Since the Suite includes the Movavi Video Editor Plus edition, we can see many extra resources. Using the multi-tracks feature, we were able to create layered videos without any issues. The effects easy to apply, and so are the editing features. We believe that anyone using the video editor will get hold of the interface within 45 minutes for the first time.

Audio editing is easy. There are options like Beat detection, equalizer, noise removal, etc. Besides, as a plus point, you can detach the audio stream from the video track.

How does the video Suite Performance?

Movavi Video editing output

To test Movavi Video Suite 2022, we used a Windows 10, 64 Bit PC. Everything went as expected. The tools are easy to use. All you have to do is click on what you need. There is much improvement to the user interface over the previous version. Also, we did not face any crashes or freeze. Compared to the earlier version, it is a better experience.

Video editing and all other performance follow Movavi standards. So if you have already used Movavi products, it will be a substantial experience.

Movavi Video Suite Coupon Codes

Movavi Video suite coupon discounts

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Movavi Video Suite + Effects Pack (From Movavi Effects Store)

To add more additional effects to your videos, you can upgrade your Movavi Video Suite with themed Effects packs from Movavi Effects Store. We have added the Starter Pack with the Movavi Video Suite & Movavi Picverse programs for your convenience. The Starter pack includes three sets based on Travel, Seasons, and Family themes. 

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Should I buy Movavi Video Suite 2022?

Now, we conclude, and the only question worth asking. Well, the simple answer is YES. If you are looking for a straightforward and cheap price tool, Movavi Video Suite is the best for you. Again, this decision depends on your needs. If you make professional videos that need sophisticated editing and is worth spending money, go for Camtasia Studio.

Did you like our Movavi Video Suite coupon codes? Do let us know your opinions in the review section below.