IObit Driver Booster 8 Pro

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$74.99 $11.25

$74.99 $11.25

iObit has earned its reputation with the top of line System Maintenance software like Advanced SystemCare for Windows and Mac Booster for the Mac OS. Driver Booster 8 Pro is a great value addition to the Windows platform.

Accurate drivers, regular auto-updates, and driver backup make it unique and a must-have tool for Windows users. You will love the easy to use Interface. Check the latest Offers on our IObit Coupon Codes page.

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Global License | Download Only | 60 Days Refund | No Auto-Renewal


Customer reviews of IObit Driver Booster 8 Pro

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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    Loudon Strome

    Being a Pro Gamer, I use Driver Booster to keep device drivers and gaming components up to date. It really has improved my gaming performance.

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    Arthur Baldwin

    The best driver updater I could get for less than $15 during Black Friday sale. It keeps my gaming drivers updated which helps boost my PC performance when gaming.

  3. Avatar

    Russell Baker

    Using Driver Booster from the past few years. I have an old Dell laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB RAM. I wanted to install the latest drivers on that laptop as most of the drivers were outdated. Found success with Driver Booster.

    I would like to thank the team at Dealarious for their support in this regard. Thank you!

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    Juan Walker

    A very lightweight driver updater for my windows PC. I got it at half the price from Dealarious during the Halloween Sale as compared to the official price. Purchased the 3 PC 1 Year subscription with additional two months and Smart Defrag Pro for free.

    This was my first purchase and am very happy :)

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    Eli Lamb

    A very good driver updater program for windows PC. Driver booster resolved issues with my old LAN card which refused to work with Windows 10. I purchased the Pro version for myself at a very reasonable price. I would like to thank Dealarious for this awesome deal!! I received my license in few minutes and activated the Trial I was already using. A happy customer :)


iObit Driver Booster has been around for a long time now. It has proved its potential in official driver updates. Even with Windows 10, iObit Driver Booster 8 Pro works the best. In this section, you will always find the latest Driver Booster Pro coupon codes. Hence, buy the product at the best available price online.

Driver Booster Pro Coupon Discounts

Are you always struggling to keep your device drivers up to date? There must be many who even don’t know what their specific device components are. Windows install generic drivers from Windows Vista or, to be more accurate, Windows 7. Thanks to Microsoft for their brilliant online software updates. The problem is, these drivers make things work but may not be specific. Hence, you may not get the peak performance from your device.

Read Driver Booster Pro Review in Details.

Those who get laptops/PC with Windows Pre-installed often forget to update drivers over time. So ultimately, they end up using Windows with outdated drivers. So, what if device drivers outdated or generic? Is there much of a performance difference?

Well, there are no issues in general computing. The problem comes when you need peak performance from your system. It can be Gaming, video editing, watching Full HD movies, etc. Lack of adequately updated drivers makes your experience laggy. On the other hand, updated drivers give you the best performance in the hardware’s capability, and with time, manufacturers fix many bugs, improving the user experience.

There is a lot of Driver Updater tool available, but only a few of them work. Do not use free Driver updater tools mostly available as adverts online; most of the time, they install unwanted software on your PC.

iObit Driver Booster 8 Pro Features

Driver Booster 8 Pro scan


  1. Improved database architecture for more accurate and faster driver matching.
  2. The scan engine connects to the server via HTTPS for a safer and faster scan.
  3. Improved download engine for faster downloading speed.
  4. Fast driver installation
  5. PC is idle time automatic Driver Update.
  6. View update history with new timeline option
  7. It supports the latest driver installation rules of Windows 10
  8. More game components support including Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable, Silverlight 6, Microsoft XML, and Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace.
  9. Optimized Driver Backups & Restore for more convenient operation.
  10. Enhanced Fix No Sound tool.
  11. Brand-new intuitive UI.
  12. Game Booster
  13. Select between latest or stable driver releases
  14. Offline Driver Update for networks cards and after System Reinstall or upgrade

Driver Booster 8 Pro: Interface

Driver Booster 8 Pro Update list


iObit Driver Booster 8 Pro packs the best interface following the Advanced SystemCare lineup. Classy looks with clean design and action button placements that make the software easy to work with. No specialized experience is required to operate Driver Booster 8 Pro. It’s a straight path, scan for updates and download updates. That’s it.

The left side menu on the home screen has three options. Using these options, you can easily switch modes between Scan, Rescue, and Tools. I like animated and crisp design. Hence, this one factor alone makes Driver Booster stand way superior from its competitors.

The scan and update windows remain similar to Driver Booster pro 7. Hence, if you were already using Driver Booster 7 Pro, you will be thoroughly familiar with the new one.

Driver Booster Pro: Rescue Center

When you are working with system drivers, it’s always good to have back up. However simple it might look, never skip backup of known good drivers. Rescue Center is your savior in case something goes wrong. Say, for instance, a bad driver update for your network card. Hence, in a situation like this, visit the Rescue Center and restore the previous driver version.

In addition to Driver restore, this section also allows you to make a system restore point. As a good point, before any update, Driver Booster 8 Pro makes a backup of the old driver automatically. So, if the update goes wrong, you can reverse it with a simple driver rollback.

Also, there is a newly added Tools section. This section has a preset of problems commonly faced. You can select the options as per the problem you are facing. You can fix driver errors, no sound issues, network failure, and wrong resolution problem.

An exciting feature in the Tools section is the “Clean Unplugged Device Data” option. It will delete any additional driver not in use from the Windows driver database and registry.

Driver Booster 8 Pro: Game Booster

With Driver Booster, now you can also optimize your system for extreme gaming. This feature was a new inclusion in version 6. Game Boost helps you to close unnecessary system processes before starting the game. Hence, your games will always get more resources. As a result, they will run smoother and provide you with a better experience.

Driver Booster Pro Coupon Codes

At Dealarious, we always try our best to provide you with genuine Driver Booster Pro coupon codes. Hence, stop wasting your time behind nonworking coupons. All you want is to save your time and Money. Dealarious is the one-stop for Driver Booster Coupon codes, providing the best prices. Also, check for our seasonal discounts, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale Offers, and New Year Offers. We update the Driver Booster Pro coupon codes regularly.

Always note that if you get free Driver Booster Pro license keys, you will not be able to update to future versions of the application. Hence, as an alternative to Driver Booster Free license, get a genuine subscription at a negligible price.

Conclusion: Is Driver Booster Pro Worth your Money?

No Driver Updater software is 100% accurate. Driver Booster 8 Pro stands the best among them. I did my tests on a Windows 10 64 Bit PC, and the results were excellent. iObit Driver Booster 8 Pro’s interface is just so excellent!

While testing previous versions of Driver Boosters, I always faced issues with Network drivers. However, with Driver Booster 8, I did not get such issues. Usually, I still consider that few drivers will not be compatible. I also expect my system to refuse boot or freeze on the login screen after using such driver updater applications. But this time, I had 100% accuracy, a useful improvement, I must say.

Still, use it with extreme caution. Do remember; you have a backup ready in case anything goes wrong.

Did you benefit from our Driver Booster 8 Coupon Code? Do let us know your experience with our services and coupons in the review section below.