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$94.99 $24.99

Bitdefender Total Security release is Multi-Device protection. The FREE VPN is an additional privacy measure.

A single subscription activates Bitdefender Total Security for Windows Antivirus for Mac, Android Security, and iOS Mobile Security. You can use the license Key with your existing Bitdefender Central Account. Add a new subscription or Renew / Extend the existing one. The subscription starts when you add the license key to your account.

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In this section, we will overview the features of the Total Security Suite in 2024 and provide Bitdefender Total Security coupon codes to secure your devices at the best price.

Bitdefender Protection has been famous for many years as a reputed security company. Its top security solutions beat any antivirus present in the market today. However, from the 2021 release, Bitdefender has removed the year from the product name. Hence, the product name “Bitdefender Total Security” will also be on the official website. A Multi-device premium security suite allows you to protect all the platforms.

Bitdefender Total Security coupon code
Best Bitdefender Total Security Discount & renewal prices by Dealarious

For a limited time, our Bitdefender Total Security coupon codes offer the best discount. However, before doing so, let us look at the expected features.

Bitdefender Discount FAQs

  • Q) Can I get a discount when I renew my Bitdefender subscription?

    A) You can get a discount if you want to renew your existing Bitdefender subscription in 2024. You can buy a new Bitdefender discounted key and add it to your Bitdefender Central account.

  • Q) Does Bitdefender currently have any working Coupons and promo Codes?

    A) Yes, Bitdefender Total Security coupon codes are listed below. You can already have an additional $2 discount on 60% discounted products. Use the Bitdefender discount code in your cart.

    1) 5 Devices – 2 Years – Coupon: Z86AY3CH
    2) 5 Devices – 3 Years – Coupon: DAQM4ACV
    3) 10 Devices – 1 Year – Coupon: EBNE989P
    4) 10 Devices – 2 Years – Coupon: P93ETEUQ
    5) 10 Devices – 3 Years – Coupon: ASA73DJK

  • Q) How to Use a Bitdefender coupon code?

    A) At Dealarious, the discounts are already integrated into the products. However, we have occasional Bitdefender discount coupons that you can apply to your cart.

  • Q) How to get the best Bitdefender Discount?

    A) You can buy Bitdefender Security solution products from Dealarious Store. By default, you will save a lot of money.

  • Q) Is the Bitdefender coupon code Australia, Canada, and Europe eligible?

    A) You can buy Bitdefender Security software at Dealarious from all across the globe. Hence, the Bitdefender Coupons/discounts will work for Australia, Canada, Europe, the USA, etc. Please check the region on the product variation you want to purchase. Any region-restricted variation will be mentioned in the variation description.

  • Q) How many Bitdefender online coupons are available?

    A) Usually, only a few working coupons are always available. If you have wasted several hours searching for Bitdefender online coupons, you have arrived at the right spot.

  • Q) How to save money at Bitdefender?

    A) A simple trick to save money is not directly renewing Bitdefender. Instead, buy a new yearly subscription and continue using it with your existing account.

  • Q) How long do Bitdefender coupons last?

    A) Usually, when you get exclusive Bitdefender Coupons from Dealarious, they last for a week or a specified time frame. Hence, all the Bitdefender discounts are for a limited time only.

  • Q) How to benefit from Bitdefender coupons & discounts?

    A) It is possible to save more money on your Bitdefender security software. If you buy multiple licenses with the coupons, you can combine them. Adding 2 Bitdefender Total Security 5 Devices – 1 Year licenses to your account will give you 2 years of protection. Please note that the Bitdefender Central account allows upto 5 Years of validity time.

  • Q) How can I contact Bitdefender Support?

    A) You can contact Bitdefender at their official support page.

What is Multi-Device Protection?

Bitdefender Total Security is also a Multi-Device subscription. So, let’s understand what it means. Having protection for many devices is a need nowadays. Also, you need to save money to buy protection for each device separately. This protection is not anything brand new. All it brings is a new format of variations that you can implement. You can now make the maximum out of the number and device platforms the subscription supports.

For instance:

    1. Bitdefender Internet Security
    2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
    3. Antivirus for Mac
    4. Antivirus for Android
    5. Mobile Security for iOS

All the above subscriptions support only a specific platform.

Moreover, if you have two Windows devices and one Mac device, you must buy a 3-PC license. That is to protect Windows OS. As a result, one seat in the license is useless. Again, you have to obtain protection for Mac, Android mobile devices, or iOS protection, depending on the situation.

In a Multi-device subscription, there is no restriction on the Platform. If you plan to purchase a 5 Devices license, you can activate Windows, Mac, and Android phone protection with the same license. Hence, a welcome solution from Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Total Security Features

How Bitdefender Total Security new version looks


With Total Security in 2024, Bitdefender is trying to strengthen protection against Ransomware. Also, the Interface is simple for first-timers to configure the protection.

The features given below are some standard online threat protection and an extra security layer that Bitdefender provides.

Advanced Threat Defense

Keeping the increase in Ransomware attacks in mind, Bitdefender has added this great real-time protection. With Advanced Defense, Bitdefender places a Multi-layer Ransomware Protection on your system applications. Hence, if any program on your device changes its behavior and tries to gain control of your system, Bitdefender will block it. Also, you can always add your trusted applications to the allowlist and be worry-free.

Webcam & Microphone Protection

The security software comes with Webcam and microphone Protection. Now, you can restrict access to applications on your webcam. You can add specific applications that you trust to have webcam access permission. Also, Bitdefender will show a list of all the apps which request access to your webcam. Hence, Webcam and microphone protection is valuable and places complete protection against online privacy leaks.


The anti-tracker system works with the browser extension as an extra security layer. You can select the browsers with which the anti-tracking should work. This extension blocks a tracker that can compromise your online privacy.
Remember to allow the Anti-Tracker extension to install in your preferred browser.

Bitdefender Account

Bitdefender Central Account plays a vital role even in 2024. Your Bitdefender account facilitates almost all routine operations. You can scan systems, update them, locate them, etc.

The Central Account allows you to implement Parental control and Anti-theft modules. Bitdefender Parental control is an extra layer of security to keep your kids safe online. The Bitdefender Parental Control options in under the Privacy tab as Parental Advisor.

Bitdefender account is also the first place to add subscriptions, get Installer files, and perform re-installations. Also, the Bitdefender Central account can help you to free subscription device slots.

Bitdefender Total Security Interface

Compared to the previous version, Bitdefender Total Security in 2024 has no design change. As a result, you do not need much time to get used to the primary navigation. It comes with a dark but classy user interface. Existing Bitdefender users have no surprises here.

Other Improved Features

Bitdefender Total Security 2021 Quick Scan

You can perform system scans to find a vulnerability. Besides, there is a OneClick Optimizer. With it, Bitdefender scans and optimizes your system by fixing Disk, Registry, and privacy issues. Also, Bitdefender has effectively integrated the Windows 11 notification system. Existing features significantly improve Bitdefender Firewall, Antivirus, and Web Protection modules.

Resource usage of Bitdefender Total Security in 2024 is comparable to the previous versions. Hence, from the new version’s perspective, it has no negative impact. While we were conducting tests, it had minimal impact on performance. Indeed, a remarkable fact as Bitdefender Total Security does not compromise the protection or features.

Please note that under heavy scanning with Multi-Layer Ransomware protection, there is a 10-15% negative impact as accepted by industry standards.

Bitdefender Premium VPN

The Bitdefender VPN has been present since the 2018 version. It came as a module in an update that rolled out during the last phase of Bitdefender 2018. The privacy VPN is, by default, available as a limited Free service. It gives you a data limit of 200 MB per day. Also, you cannot choose the location server in the free version. Bitdefender will automatically assign you a random location IP. Hence, there are better options to protect your online privacy.

You can check Bitdefender Premium VPN discounts. However, if you wish to get Bitdefender protection and the Premium VPN together, you can check Bitdefender Premium Security. In Bitdefender Premium Security, you get a 10-device Bitdefender Total Security with the Premium VPN to protect online privacy.

However, if you want a professional VPN service with extensive features, consider our CyberGhost VPN discounts or save much more with ZenMate VPN Coupon Codes.

Upgrading to the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security

If you have an active subscription to the latest version of Bitdefender, you can freely upgrade to future versions of Bitdefender Total Security. Usually, Bitdefender automatically pushes the latest versions via application updates. However, if you do not receive the upgrade automatically, you must uninstall the old version and reinstall Bitdefender from Central Account. Doing so will install the latest release.

Hence, you will benefit from using the Bitdefender Total Security coupon code in future releases.

Using Bitdefender Total Security Coupon Codes

Want to get the latest Bitdefender Total Security coupon codes in 2024?

You can get the lowest price online with up to 87% Off on 5 Devices – 1 Year Subscription. Please refer to the coupon code & pricing section above in the shopping section if you want to purchase other variations with the Bitdefender discount coupon.

Just select the variation you want for the lowest Bitdefender price. We have already integrated all the Bitdefender discount coupon codes with purchase links. Also, we will update the discount coupons and prices regularly. Hence, you can get the best working coupons without wasting your time.

We will always have the latest prices for seasonal Bitdefender Coupon Code offers like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales, New Year Offers, New Launch Offers, and Bitdefender student discounts. Hence, you will always get the lowest price for Bitdefender Online at Dealarious. The best thing is that you are now buying Bitdefender Total Security at the best online price. You will also receive a free upgrade to future releases. That, too, without paying anything extra.

You will receive free upgrades yearly if you wish to buy a 2 or 3-year package. You do not need to reinstall the application when the official update rolls out. They will be applied automatically.

How to use Bitdefender Total Security Coupons on the Official Website

This section will discuss the steps you should take when purchasing directly from Have a direct offer from Bitdefender? In that case, you can straightaway visit the product page. If the Bitdefender Total Security coupon code is in the link, there is nothing to worry about.

However, if the cart on the Bitdefender website does not include the coupon, you must manually add the coupon. Just copy the coupon code and apply it for the Bitdefender Discount to reflect.

Things to remember while buying directly from Bitdefender

Did you receive a significant discount from Bitdefender? Well, it might cause you to panic and rush the purchase. However, please keep the following points in check. Below is an image of the Bitdefender Discount Cart.
Bitdefender Total Security Auto-renewal disable


  • Disable Auto-renewal for Bitdefender Promo Price
  • Apply Coupon Code for the Discount Price
  • Additional Services

Disable Bitdefender Auto-Renewal

By default, auto-renewal is set to enable. It applies to all your purchases made directly via the Bitdefender website. Many people are unaware of this feature and lose more money in renewal.

Bitdefender Auto-renewal notice

The renewal price may not be the best Total Security coupon code price for the next run. Hence, we always recommend you look for new coupons every year. Bitdefender coupons are still available, and you might even get a better one.

If you purchased directly from Bitdefender, you cannot disable it during purchase. However, you can disable auto-renewal from your Bitdefender Central account, or contact Bitdefender support to cancel it for you.

Note: At Dealarious Store, there is no Auto-renewal on Bitdefender Discounts On Subscription Renewals

Don’t forget to apply Bitdefender Total Security Coupon

In general, Bitdefender keeps the coupon box away from public visibility. Refer to point 2 on the Bitdefender Cart image. Click on the link “Do you have a coupon code?”. As soon as you click on it, the coupon box will appear.

bitdefender coupon code box

Enter the Bitdefender Total Security coupon code and hit the apply button to get the discount.

Apply Bitdefender Total Security Coupons at Dealarious Store

How to apply Bitdefender Total Security coupon on Dealarious

At Dealarious, we constantly have offers running for Bitdefender Total security and other products. If you have a Bitdefender Total Security Coupon Code from Dealarious, you can copy it and apply it to your cart. Once the Bitdefender Total Security Coupon is applied, you can verify the discounted amount.

Bitdefender Additional Services: Worth your Money?

Bitdefender’s additional services include:

  • Bitdefender Install & SetUp MultiPlatform (One time)
  • Virus & Spyware Removal (One time)
  • Premium VPN (1 year)
  • Adware Removal (One time)
  • Computer Tune-up (One time)
  • Smart Home Security (One time)

We only find helpful removal options for viruses, spyware, and adware. However, please note that these services are highly situational. You can easily get removal tips for many adware by doing a simple Google search.

Installation of Bitdefender is a relatively easy task. Unless there is a massive issue with your system, you shouldn’t face any problems. Follow our Bitdefender Installation & Activation guide to understand all the steps quickly.

Bitdefender Total Security does include a Tune-up module. However, look at Advanced SystemCare Pro if you require an advanced, automated solution. With our Advanced SystemCare Pro coupon, you can get a discount price of just 10.95 USD with a validity of 2 years. It will still be the best solution than booking a one-time session with Bitdefender.

Note: The Bitdefender Total Security Coupons do not apply to additional services or the privacy VPN. If you add them to your cart, you will have to pay the extra charge without any coupon discount. Hence, please be careful.


The Bitdefender Overall score for protection is among the top 3 Antivirus software. However, buying the complete protection pack with Bitdefender renewal coupons would be best. So, our Family Pack coupon codes section is best for you for a higher number of devices. Security applications remain the same as available individually. Apps are compatible with all the latest platforms. Bitdefender Total Security can support up to ten devices depending on your purchase subscription.

Are you looking for the best Bitdefender discount? Avail of Bitdefender coupon codes & discounts from our Store and get the lowest price. To know all the features, read our detailed Bitdefender Total Security Review.

Please note that these Bitdefender Total Security Coupon Codes & discounts are only applicable for a limited time. Hence, it’s time to protect devices against malware.